March 18, 2020

318 | The Tipping Point | Can Social Distancing Still Slow the COVID-19?| Part Three Late Night Talk With Houston Wade

Can Social Distancing Still Slow the COVID-19? The answer is clearly yes but are other "suppression" methods also needed? Put any free-floating anxiety aside and listen to this interview with Houston Wade who has been deep-diving the math, the cultural implications and the realities as we reach the tipping point in how to deal with the coronavirus here in Seattle and the US.

About 31% of the adult population of Bainbridge Island is in the crosshairs; those are the seniors especially those with underlying conditions. But no one is truly immune.

Here are the earlier talks with Houston on the COVID-19 crisis.

Part One: What is it? Where did it come from? Part One: What is SARS CoV-2?

Part Two: The exponential transmission of viruses. Part Two: The Math On Transmission

Episode 318 is brought to you by the good folks at Outcome Athletics and the best personal trainer on Bainbridge Island Bethanee Randles.

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