October 31, 2019

224 - A Trip to Meet the Kitsap County Auditor, Paul Andrews

Episode 224 - A Trip to Meet the Kitsap County Auditor, Paul Andrews

“That was cool,” Richard said to Sal as they left the Kitsap County Auditor Paul Andrews after getting the full tour of the County’s operation. Elections are pretty complicated these days but the people at the Auditor’s office make everything easy and the customer service is pretty special.

Sal and Richard sat down with Auditor Paul Andrews for a complete interview about the current November 5th election and 2020 Presidential election, where we talked security, ease of voting and why voting in local elections is as important as voting in the Presidential years.

Sal was able to change his address and get a ballot in about 10 minutes. Up until a few days ago he would have been able to do this online. But even now, you can register, get a ballot and vote even on Election Day if you take the trip to the Auditor's Office in Port Orchard at 619 Division St 3rd Floor, Port Orchard, in the courthouse complex.

Richard was able to get a I Voted sticker and found Halloween candy at every single clerks station. They brought the candy from home. Because they like their jobs. You will rarely find people more interested in making sure you can accomplish your mission of casting a vote.

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